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organizations to offer CBLP-A

CBLP-A is an entry-level certificate program which

  • Introduces adults and young people to green infrastructure and conservation landscaping principles, practices, and careers.
  • Provides high quality training, based on the content and materials developed for CBLP’s professional certifications.
  • Builds connections among partners across the Bay watershed.
  • Develops materials and programming to complement the work of existing programs (such as nonprofits, workforce development organizations, summer youth employment/enrichment programs, schools, and camps)
  • Creates meaningful opportunities to connect CBLP-A candidates with certified CBLP pros and potential employers

How Does It Work?

Each partner will make an initial, one time, investment to establish their own CBLP-A program. CBLP provides partners with:

  • A complete suite of program materials
  • Instruction and guidance during the first session of collaboration
  • Teaching and counseling partner staff
  • Connections with practicing professionals
  • CBLP-A certificates of completion

After the initial session, CBLP will step back to play an advisory/administrative role, and the partner staff will assume program management responsibilities.

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cblp-a conservation training program