CBLP Level 1 Webinar Series

All CBLP Level 1 candidates who have registered and paid for certification will be provided a password to access the webinars. Webinars are accessible anytime, at your convenience.

NOTE: We have recently changed the platform on which the webinars are housed.  To access the webinars, click the Go To Webinars button below, enter your password, and then choose the webinar you wish to watch from the list of MP4 or PPT files.  Cheryl Corson’s webinar remains archived on Vimeo, and you can access it via the link at the bottom of this page.

Webinars are also available to the general public for $125 for the entire series. To purchase, visit https://cblpro.org/shop/


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Overview: Clean Water and the Chesapeake Bay

Presented by: Abbi Huntzinger, Chesapeake Bay Trust and Rebecca Stack, designgreen

Introduction to Sustainable Landscapes

Presented by: Adele Ashkar, The George Washington University

Healthy Soils

Presented by: Sara Tangren, University of Maryland Extension

Soil Structures and Protection

Presented by: Stuart Schwartz, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Site Assessment

Presented by: Bradley Thompson, Community College of Baltimore County

Native Plant Species

Presented by: Sara Tangren, University of Maryland Extension

Native Plants and Natural Communities: Habitat

Presented by: Carol Heiser, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Habitat Partners

Sustainable Approaches to Turf

Presented by: Carole Barth, Prince George’s County, MD

Principles of Stormwater BMPs: Overview

Presented by: Laurie Fox, Virginia Tech AREC

Principles of Stormwater BMPs: Basic Calculations for Rain Gardens

Presented by: Chris Sonne, PE, Draper Aden Associates

Principles of Stormwater BMPs: Rain Garden Installation

Presented by: Amanda Rockler and Jennifer Dindinger, University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension


Principles of Stormwater BMPs: Planting Design for Rain Gardens

Presented by: Claudia West, North Creek Nurseries

Principles of Stormwater BMPs: Permeable Surfaces

Presented by: Ann English, Montgomery County, MD

Rainwater Conservation & Harvesting

Presented by: Trey Sherard, Anacostia Riverkeeper

Invasive Plant Species Overview and Management Strategies

Presented by: Sylvan Kaufman, Sylvan Green Earth

Management of Sustainable Landscapes: Overview

Presented by: Kelly Gutshall, LandStudies

Management of Sustainable Landscapes: Stormwater BMPs

Presented by: Ted Scott, Stormwater Maintenance and Consulting

Introduction to the CBLP Maintenance Manual

Presented by: Cheryl Corson, RLA, ASLA