Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual

Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual

The CBLP maintenance manual is the first comprehensive resource on sustainable landscape management planning and techniques which is specific to the Chesapeake Bay region.  Written for the landscape professional audience, the manual is a key reference for CBLP Level 1 training.

It is available by free download, or for purchase in a full-color, laminated version.

Highlights of the manual:

  • Chapters on caring for plants and living systems, as well as hardscapes
  • In-depth discussion of common challenges encountered in managing stormwater best management practices (BMPs)
  • Customizable templates and checklists with suggested, seasonal timelines for completing tasks
  • Practical suggestions on cost estimating, working on historic sites, and other specific guidance
  • A focus on collaborative practice between designers, installers, and maintainers
  • State by state guidance on BMP permit requirements

From the Author’s Introduction

“What we are still developing is a maintenance infrastructure capable of caring for these landscapes. This manual has been undertaken to support those with boots on the ground in their efforts to manage and maintain green infrastructure now being put in place.

“The Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) certification program is an important regional step in connecting those involved at every stage in the process. It is dedicated to a paradigm shift toward greater collaboration between clients, designers at all levels, installers, and those entrusted with landscape care.

“This manual provides a condensed review of the most important landscape maintenance considerations. It is the book I would want to offer my own contractors and clients in the transition from the installation phase to the (hopefully) much longer management phase.”

Cheryl Corson, RLA, ASLA, author

cheryl corson

cheryl corson merit award winner

Cheryl Corson is the recipient of a 2018 Merit Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Potomac Chapter and the 2018 Garden Writers of America Silver Award for The Sustainable Landscape Maintenance Manual.

The author and CBLP gratefully acknowledge funding provided by the District of Columbia Department of Energy and the Environment.
Invaluable editorial and graphic design support was provided by Maryland Sea Grant College.